April 12, 2008

Pascale Picard

Please let me clarify: Pascale Picard is not annoying.

Far from it.

I would, in fact, be more likely to use adjectives like: "Charming". "Talented". "Hot" could be another one. (Well, what? I'm just saying.)

"Annoying" is, of course, the title of one of Picard's songs from her debut album Me, Myself and Us.

Picard is one of the rising stars of the Quebec music scene (her album went platinum mere months after its release), and although her sound verges on being a little too mainstream for my personal taste, I believe she has enormous talent and appeal. I hope and she and her band manage to crack the wider North American (and European) markets.

Her biggest single is probably the lovely "Gate 22", and watching the video, I couldn't shake the feeling that she looks like a cross between Anika Moa and the Quin Sisters. (Her music is much closer in style to Anika Moa, than Tegan and Sara, though.)

Anika MoaTegan and Sara

The tune "Annoying" has a harder, rockier edge than the majority of the tracks on Me, Myself and Us. The cascading guitars and out-and-out vitriol make it, by far, my favourite track on the album.

[Pascale Picard - MySpace] [The Pascale Picard Band website]


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