July 18, 2008

Get Well Soon

When I first heard this song, I thought I was listening to Beirut.

Then I thought, oh no, wait, it's Radiohead.

Then I thought, holy crap, it's Vast. And: Holy crap, the handclaps!

I love this song, it's my new favourite ever, ever. (For today, obviously. Shallow and fickle as I be).

I love the melodrama and the angst of it, and -- I can't believe I'm going to write this -- the sweeping trumpet. (There, I wrote it.) But I do. I love it all.

And in case you're wondering, you are, in fact, listening to Get Well Soon, the music project brainchild of 25 year old composer and multi-instrumentalist, Konstantin Gropper.

He's a marvel. Watch this space.

[Get Well Soon - MySpace]


Kate Savage said...

I knew you'd be back!!

This song was a student project? Am I understanding correctly? Wow. So, um, I guess he passed.

kirsten said...

Yeah, no...

That'll teach me to crib from Wikipedia.

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