1 comments August 7, 2008

Azzido Da Bass - Lonely By Your Side (featuring Johnny Blake)

I've played this song about -- oh I don't know -- five thousand billion gazillion times now? And it still has the ability to make my extremities tingle.

That's right: Extremities.


I know that sounds sort of rude, but have you heard this song? If you've heard this song, then you'll know exactly what I mean.

Yes, it's kind of dorky. Yes, it's all gangling, awkward angles and blatant 80s influences.

But it's sexy -- as -- hell.

Listen to the way the song appears to fade out around the 3:04 mark ... and then the way it kicks back in with that bass line?

Go on, just try and tell me that it doesn't bring on all kinds of tingling of the extremities.

You can try. I might believe you. Thousands wouldn't.

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