August 14, 2007

Eagle Seagull

I’m so late to this party, it’s beyond embarrassing.

I don’t know where I was for the release of this album -- maybe in a cave somewhere in Timbuktu? Maybe I was kidnapped and held captive for all of 2006, in the jungles of the Amazon, only to be rescued by the CIA, who then erased all my memories, and implanted new, false ones.

Because how else do I explain the fact that I managed to miss this?

I’m talking, of course, about Eagle Seagull’s eponymous debut.

On first listen, I got very, very, very excited. I thought, “Oh my god, it sounds like some mangled, mongrel marriage between The Cure and Supertramp. Which should sound awful. But it doesn’t. Oh no -- no, it sounds so, so good.”

And then my brain fizzed. And there was a party in my head.

Sometimes it’s fun to be out of the loop. You come to things late, and then the wait for the next "whatever" is not so long. There are already new songs on Eagle Seagull’s MySpace, for example. And their second album is rumoured to be out early 2008.

Lookit: Only about a hundred more sleeps to go!

Eagle Seagull - Photograph


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