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Autumn Film

Another day, another new year.

Another one? So fast? I swear, every year I sound more and more like my aged grandparents. (Before they shuffled off this mortal coil. Bless 'em).

Another new year, and some of you, my digital friends, are in a state of flux, what with moves to London, and to slow blogging, (which I wholeheartedly applaud. And intend to emulate. The slow blogging, that is, not the move to London. Although I wholeheartedly approve of the move to London, too.)

Others are jumping back into the fray, some are joining it anew, while others are blissfully and happily living their lives totally outside the interwebs bubble.

To all of you, I raise a glass: À votre santé!

And from the depths of this particularly (it seems to me) brutally cold, dark winter, I have a couple of musical delights to tickle your new year fancy. Or fancy your new year tickle, as they say.

I'll start by mentioning New Zealand's own Ladyhawke, who I've written about already, but who deserves -- and shall receive -- another post all of her own. (Up soon!)

The band I want to talk about today, though, is the Autumn Film.

Here's how the Onion describes them:

"Like a post-collegiate Fiona Apple jamming with Snow Patrol, The Autumn Film serves up a piano-drenched sincerity topped off with a voice that’s wise and heartbroken beyond its years."

Which pretty much sums up their sound nicely.

What I love most about the Autumn Film, though, is that they're into connecting with their fans directly.

Part of a project started by these very smarts folks, the Autumn Film are making their music available free to download, because "free is the new radio".

In other words, they're wanting to get their music heard, and making it easy for fans to get excited about their music and come to their gigs and get other people excited about the band too.

It's working for me so far.

I would love to know if it's working out for them commercially. I certainly hope so. I think it's a smart, creative move, and as a fan, it's pushing all the right buttons.

So here we go, here's "Sunstruck". Make sure to go check out the rest of their stuff.

And tell your friends.

The Autumn Film - Sunstruck:

[The Autumn Film - Band website] [Backstage]