May 19, 2008

Monday Meltdown - Ladyhawk

When I say Ladyhawke, I'm talking about Kiwi singer Pip Browne, not the execrable 80s movie, and not the band from Vancouver.

Sharon O'Neill lookalike (if you're a kiwi kid of the 80s you'll know who I'm talking about), Ladyhawke wears her influences firmly on her sleeve: Think Stevie Nicks, with a healthy dose of Chrissie Hynde attitude, and a youthful, vulnerable quality vis-à-vis Kim Wilde, circa "Kids in America".

Her track "Paris is burning" has been given the Alex Gopher treatment, and what a thing of beauty it is.

Gopher's mash-up of "Paris is Burning" has a definite 80s aesthetic, which is almost certainly why I find it irresistible. I love the cycling, sinuous synth line, the handclaps, and the LCD Soundsystem-inspired cowbell in the background.

The song teeters on the edge of all-out cheesiness, but this should be true for any good club tune worth its salt.

All told, "Paris is Burning" is a delicious, thoroughly intoxicating pop confection.

Check it out:

[Ladyhawk - MySpace]


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