October 26, 2008

Philip Glass

Autumn in Montreal is hallucinatory.

Colours burst and flare: all savage reds and giddy, velvet golds. Achingly blue skies pitch overhead; leaves tip and wheel drunkenly to the ground.

The air is so crisp it hollows out a permanent cavity in your diaphragm. You breathe in and breathe in, but it never feels quite enough and the world spins in glorious, dizzying colour around you, causing a vertiginous elation and a corresponding unspeakable desolation.

Which leads me to Philip Glass.

Philip Glass is autumn in Montreal. Or, at least, his piano solos are...

The most melancholy, sublime, perfect accompaniment to la saison d'automn.

[Philip Glass - Website]


Kate Savage said...

Once again, you've made my week. Thank you!

kirsten said...

Hey! So good to hear from you...

Can't quite believe you're leaving our fair city, but am very excited for you. You're still gonna keep blogging, though right? Regaling us with tales from across the ditch...?

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