April 9, 2008

Liam Finn

In this video of Liam Finn performing live at Spaceland in LA, he starts out sounding exactly like his dad.

No joke. If I didn't know it was Liam, I'd think I was listening to Neil.

But then he kicks in with the reverb and the feedback, and the bass becomes like this undulating hyrda-headed monster, and we have this nail-biting (deliciously) coruscating fuzz guitar, and next thing he's pounding on the drums like a mad man.

I can't believe this crazy-arse noise is being made by just one bloke.

It's, like, the most exciting thing I've seen in ages.

And I'm not biased just because I'm a kiwi. (Honest.)

This guy is seriously kind of phenomenal.

I guess he'll always have the legacy of his dad hanging over him. But he seems to be well and truly his own man.

And an extrememly talented one at that. Watch:

And while we're on the subject of phenomenal talent, here's another:

Kaki King

I've been listening to Kaki King's latest album a lot recently.

I knew she was a consummate musician, but I didn't realize just quite how frakking amazing she was.

And I didn't know she became famous [fame. noun. 1. public estimation. 2. popular acclaim] because Dave Grohl saw this video of her playing live right here in montreal.

And then here she is playing "Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers" (which has to be one of the best song titles of all time), again, constructing the song as she goes along:


This entire post was inspired by one of Montreal's finest: Midnight Poutine. A new discovery. Where've you been all my life?


Jer said...

Where have you been all of our lives? You have a great music site here...

Thanks for the mention. I'll make sure to pass "music and notes" onto the guy who does our "This Week in Blogs" column.

kirsten said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, Jer.

And if I do get a mention on your wonderful blog, it will be an honour.


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