April 12, 2008


Sometimes you randomly stumble across an artist who makes you sit up and pay attention, tout de suite-like.

You find them, sans hype, sans information, and they blow your mind so thoroughly you immediately want to run out and tell everyone you know.

L'indice is just such a discovery for me.

All I know about this bloke is that his name is Vincent Blain, he's based in Montreal and has worked in the past with artists like Navet Confit, Lynda Lemay and Alexandre Champigny.

He's also up as a semi-finalist for this year's edition of Francovertes (for which I wish him all the merde).

I don't know how to describe his music. Sonorous electronica? Extraordinarily accomplished?

Well, anyway -- listen, you can decide -- here's "Petite épopée" and "Deux sang" from Démo:

[L'indice - MySpace]


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