April 14, 2008

Bobby Mcferrin

What's the first thing that comes to mind if someone says the name Bobby McFerrin to you?

If you're anything like me, you probably find yourself thinking, "Oh, that guy."

The one who gifted the world with THE MOST ANNOYING SONG OF ALL TIME.

You know the song I mean. The one that must not be named.

A few years' back, when I was living in Thailand, I was out and about at the giant Tower Records downtown (remember Tower Records?), and on pure impulse I bought a world music disc -- one of those best-of jobbies. You know, as you do.

And the last song on the disc was a track called "Circlesongs Six".

Rhythmic, soaring, utterly hypnotic -- I fell madly in love with it.

Guess who it was?


Bobby McFerrin.

The album, Circlesongs, from which the song takes its title and joins a cycle of eight, is a recording of spontaneous vocal improvisations sung by twelve singers and McFerrin.

Three basses, three tenors, three altos and three sopranos create the vocal textures around which McFerrin weaves his solos. He eschews words, in favour of repetitious syllables of sound. No instruments. Voice and vocal percussion only.

I've long since lost the CD.

Hadn't thought about that song in years. Something triggered my memory of it recently, (though I can't think what it was now. There's irony for you.)

Anyway, I had to hear it again, so I pur-chased it.

Here's "Circlesongs Six":


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that was cool ithought that it was very nice and elegant. great job!


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