April 22, 2008

Cars and Trains

Cars & trains is the electronic music project of Oregon-based Tom Filepp.

Think, if you will, Andrew Bird (via his live Fingerlings recordings) mashed with Four Tet.

I'm a great one for reductive comparisons, but suffice it to say, Cars & Trains is a glorious, intricate mess of contradictions.

The sound is at once folky and organic, but with a heavy glitch-beat aesthetic. It manages to feel both nostalgic and pastoral, while somehow encapsulating the loneliness, agitation and alienation of urban environments.

That may seem ambitious (and perhaps even improbable) but Filepp pulls it off.

His is a highly distinctive, original voice. Expect great things.

Here's "That reoccurring dream where I'm always..."

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You can download a number of free Cars & Trains tracks from the Circle into Square website.


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