March 24, 2009

Lily Allen

I must confess that up until now the career of Lily Allen has barely caused a blip on my musical radar.

I mean, I should preface that by saying that I do live under a rock when it comes to most major pop stars these days. I had heard word of Allen, yes -- but had pretty much written her off as a fake and a media whore.

Then I heard a snippet of her tune "The Fear" on the UK show Skins. Actually, I didn't even know it was her at the time, I just heard: "...I'm packing plastic, and that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic".

Intrigued, and with absolutely no idea who it was, I plugged the lyric into Google, and hey presto: Lily Allen.

Then, of course, I had to swing over to YouTube to have a listen to the track, and now I think I may have played it, hmmm, I don't know, maybe around 500 times? Today.

I f**king love this song.

It's the way she skewers our celebrity-obsessed culture in rhyming couplets (and a Brit accent), over a beat so goddamn bouncy and catchy you're hooked faster than someone can say crack.

It's a clever song -- funny, ironic, and bang on.

Guess it's fair to say my estimation of Allen has changed somewhat? Guess so.

Here she is then, with "The Fear":

[Lily Allen - MySpace] [Artist website]


Anonymous said...

For American readers:
"I look at the Sun and I look in the Mirror" - has a double meaning as these are the titles of the two biggest UK tabloid papers...

kirsten said...

Good point, anonymous. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the heads up.

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