September 16, 2008

Bajo Fondo

So from buchata to tango we go...

May I introduce Bajofondo, a music collective from -- respectively -- Argentina, Uruguay and North America.

They've been compared to the Gotan Project (which, in my humble opinion, is a marvellous compliment) and, indeed, Bajofondo's modus operandi is their deep and abiding love of tango.

They take this cherished musical genre from Argentina and Uruguay and perform a kind of cross-pollination -- fusing elements of electronica, house music and hip hop with the more traditional forms and instruments of tango.

The result is a most heady and savoury brew.

Such is their cachet, in fact, that all kinds of indie royalty (including Elvis Costello) signed on to their recent album Mar Dulce.

Two of my favourite tracks from the album are "Pa' Bailar" (featuring Ryōta Komatsu), and the hip hop-inflected and incredibly catchy "El Andén", with Mala Rodríguez on guest vocals:

[Bajofondo - MySpace] [Ryōta Komatsu - Website] [Mala Rodríguez - MySpace]


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