October 2, 2009

Patty Griffin

Dear Patty,

It's been years, I know.

I'd kind of forgotten about you for a while there, which seems almost inconceivable to me now, but it's been an eventful few years since we last hung out. I'll tell you about it over beers sometime.

Anyway. It's weird how I love you so much, when most country music brings me out in hives. I can't really explain why this is. I can't really explain anything when it comes to music, so it's confusing how I keep trying, but there we go.

The thing is.

We don't hang out that often. And, you know, I realise I neglect you a little bit, and for that I'm truly sorry. Because you're always there for me when it really counts.

When that perfect storm of sadness breaks over me, which it's apt to do from time to time, you're there. We hunker down on my shitty little craft made of twigs out there in the 50 foot waves and the howling winds, and we ride it out together. And then, when it's over and I'm cast, prone and exhausted and completely hollowed out, you make it all okay.

So, really, I just wanted to tell you: thanks. And I probably don't say it enough, but I think you're amazing, and I hope we see more of each other from now on.

x Kirsten

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