May 5, 2008

The Do

Discovery of the day: The dø vs. Heyday.

The who?

Anyway. Big sound. Fuzzy, galloping bass, anguished vocals -- it's like the Knife collided with Röyksopp in a dark alley way, got carnal, and had a love child (long lost twin, rumour has it, of Mika).

Dance music this fun should be a crime.

[the dø - MySpace] [Amazon] [Heyday - MySpace]


Kate said...

I am so enjoying your site and recommendations. Thank you :)

Simon said...


The Do is a great french band and we (Heyday) remixed their latest single "On my shoulders".

You can find the original version of the song here :

And some other remixes here :

Thanks !!

Simon / Heyday

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