May 12, 2008

Crystal CastlesDeus

Sometimes the iPod's shuffle feature throws up the most weird and wonderful juxtapositions.

How about Crystal Castles' "Courtship Dating" followed by dEUS' "Suds and Soda"?

Pure brilliance.

Toronto's Crystal Castles have been getting a lot of ecstatic press lately, and deservedly so (in my most humble opinion).

I've seen lots of reviews by blokes raving about how the Atari sound takes them right back to their game-boy-geek adolescence. It's a "I-
guess-you-had-to be-there" kind of thing, and since I wasn't, I don't get it. But I take their word for it.

For me, Crystal Castles suggest some kind of f*cked up, magnificent mélange of Sleater Kinney, Le Tigre and Soulwax.

They're their own trip, though, no question. So if you haven't yet, you should leap on the ride!

As for dEUS, they're old favourites. And somehow CCs' "Courtship Dating", with its shouted, call and response chorus segues perfectly into the see-sawing intro and shouted, disjointed verses of "Suds and Soda".

Go figure.

[Crystal Castles - MySpace] [dEUS - Band website]

Update: Seems CC are in a bit of hot water of late, for liberally pilfering samples from a community they'd previously denied any knowledge of. (Thanks to my anonymous commenter for the tip.) There's a good breakdown over at Create Digital Music of the controversy, along with an interesting discussion and examples of the offending songs.


Anonymous said...

sorry to burst a bubble, but crystal crassholes steal and lie

do a google on 'crystal castles creative commons'

kirsten said...

Oh dear.

I hadn't heard about this, thanks for cluing me in.

Has CC made any kind of response...?

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