September 16, 2007


Montréal-based band the Stars make music to be romanced by.

If you like your romance tinged with bittersweet, that is.

The Stars are all about dreamy, gorgeous pop. When they're at their best, their sweeping melodies perfectly capture the incredible exhilaration of attraction -- of wanting someone, of loving someone -- and all the excitement it entails.

Lying at the very heart of their compositions, however, is the flip side of that elation: the fear, the self-doubt, the towering potential for heartbreak.

Their deceptively sweet, simple songs mask the workings of a razor sharp intelligence, underscored by a gentle melancholy.

What their songs seem to be saying, over and over, even as they're soaring you to the heavens, is that in every hello, lies the seed of goodbye.

[Stars - MySpace]


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