September 23, 2007

Navet Confit

The Universe -- bless her in all her infinite glory -- has bestowed upon me an embarrassment of musical riches in the past little while.

An embarrassment, I tell you.

I am swimming in musical deliciousness right now. And most of those delights are from right here in Montréal.

So let's start the musical odyssey with a band called Navet Confit.

Navet Confit is, in fact, one Jean-Philippe Fréchette.

Monsieur Fréchette is based in Montréal and has just released his latest album, LP2².

He writes in the bio of his website, that his inspirations for the album included hair, shoes, shops, films and modes of transport.

That's right. The really important things in life.

So here's the track "Samsam". Hope you enjoy.

[Navet Confit - MySpace]


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