September 25, 2007


Elsiane is the brainchild of Montréalers Elsieanne Caplette (vocals and keyboards) and Stephane Sotto (drums).

You might be tempted, at first, to write Elsiane off as a kind of trip-hop, downtempo throwback.

But their debut album, Hybrid, is a hugely impressive and polished affair, with a sound that is at once textured, lush and atmospheric.

Singer Elsieanne Caplette has a very distinctive voice -- and, I'm hazarding a guess -- it's one that you either love or hate.

Think: Emiliana Torrini, Angela McCluskey from Telepopmusik, or Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife.

If you like any of the above, however, I think you'll love this.

Here's "Vaporous" from Hybrid:

[Elsiane - MySpace]


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