July 26, 2007

Felix da HousecatI don’t know if it’s a Southern Hemisphere thing (a New Zealand thing?) but I’d never heard the song "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez.

Never heard it. Never in my life.

Everybody knows it here, though.

It’s a disco great, it seems. In the pantheon of really-cheesy-tunes-you-dance- to-with-glee-and-abandon-when-you’re-falling-down-drunk, it rates right up there.

Not having had a history with the tune, I can’t really get into it.

But I am loving the remix of the remix: Felix da Housecat remixes The Disco Boys remixing the Hernandez original...

(If you keep listening, you’ll get the Extended Dance Mix of the original. Clap your hands and say yeah!)


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