July 3, 2007

Montréal is fairly bursting at the seams with incredible bands -- bursting I tell you! Incredible! There are so many, in fact, that I often joke there must be something in the water.

I could go on to list a few, but I won't, because the "Montréal Music Scene" has been more than done to death already.

I'll limit myself, therefore, to a couple of my current faves, who are little known now perhaps, but sure to be huge!

Miracle Fortress: Five Roses

The perfect summer accompaniment. Beatlesque, with a hint of Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys and a pinch of 80s shoegazer swirl, rock auteur Graham Van Pelt's debut album Five Roses is a hugely intelligent and beguiling affair. One track doesn't do it justice, though. Hunt down the album. Make it your own. Your brain, and your heart, will thank you for it.

Miracle Fortress: This Thing About You

If legend is to be believed, these lads have been 10 years in the making, (or at least their band has been). They've yet to sign a record deal and become millionaires, but I'm sure if they could just get their single The Word on the radio, the wealth and adulation they so rightly deserve would be theirs. Early Pixies by way of some kind of mutant swampy bluesy punk rock. Or something. You decide.

The Fudge: The Word

[And a big thanks to my pal Karen for putting me onto Miracle Fortress in the first place...]


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