July 11, 2007

Not that I need validation or anything -- no, not at all, who, me? -- but Filter Magazine has just listed Tegan and Sara's Back in Your Head in their Top 5 picks.*

People of taste, that lot.

And it's not like I'm gonna rename this blog the Tegan and Sara blog any time soon, but les filles will invariably show up here a rather a lot.

As is only right, fair, and just.

Also: they've released their singles The Con and Back In Your Head on iTunes. (What are you waiting for? Get on over there!)

Update: More denizens from the Land of Discerning Taste: I see Salon has just made Back In Your Head their song of the day. (Note: You'll probably need a day pass to access the site.)

*Hat Tip to i guess i'm floating


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