July 17, 2007

EditorsDarlings of the British music press, the Editors, have released their sophomore effort, An End Has A Start.

It's a strong album, no mistake.

Why do I always end up feeling like I'm listening to a cheap imitation of Interpol, though?

It's all flab and no muscle. Bombast and no discipline.

It's a bit like finding a knock-off of your favourite perfume on Khao San Rd. It does the trick, but leaves you pining for the real thing.

It may just be me, though.

Check out this particularly effusive review from Playlouder:

This album is fucking brilliant – it made me want to cut my hair, paint the ceiling, fuck the postman and burn the disco down. So I did. Then I curled up in a corner, cried, and shat myself.

I might be lukewarm about The Editors, but I think that may be the best endorsement for an album I've read, hands down, ever.


Some Go Softly said...

I DO love that quote, and the Editors. Live they would get my vote over Interpol.

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